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What is YourBizDr?

Mission Statement
To provide objective consulting services and programs to businesses in an economical and efficient manner; preserving capital while increasing our clients efficiencies and overall the short and long term viability of their business.

YourBizDr® is a group of professionals in the Management Consulting, Accounting, Finance, Operations, Human Resources, Graphic Design, Employee Motivation and Executive Coaching field who wanted to bring best in class support to small and medium business owners and managers, in a cost effective and readily available manner.

YourBizDr® is a one-time or subscription based service that allows its clients to choose a support system that meets their personal or company needs. All YourBizDr® consultants follow a very structured support methodology that has as its foundation the premise that; People, Process and Technology are the foundation of all businesses.

To apply the principal of People, Process and Technology and ensure consistency in our methods, BIZVision® was developed to manage our approach. Through a simple and efficient process, a YourBizDr® Consultant will help business owners and managers to understand themselves, their employees and their business in ways that will enhance the businesses viability.

We are here to provide just the right prescription of information, to help our clients make decisions that will best benefit their companies and personal lives.

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